About the Crescent Yacht Club

Member owned club that welcomes the public. Beautiful, clean bar with inexpensive pricing for drinks. All are welcome!

At the Crescent Yacht Club you become part of a family friendly club. The Crescent Yacht Club prides ourselves on having an inclusive atmosphere that encourages the development of new friendships that can last a lifetime. We are known for being a friendly and welcoming club on the Merrimack River. The club has been on the Merrimack River since the 1940s. Our members own mostly center-console type and pontoon boats. The Crescent Yacht Club is located 20 miles up the Merrimack River in Haverhill Massachusetts. 

Washington Landing Park opened next to the Crescent Yacht Club and a public boat ramp and is available to local children. The park is so named because it is on or near the spot where President George Washington landed after crossing the Merrimack after a visit to Haverhill in 1789.  


Merrimack River, buildings near Crescent Yacht Club, Bradford, Haverhill, 1965 – Transparency, Slide

Merrimack River, buildings near the Crescent Yacht Club on Ferry Street in Bradford, Haverhill. Possibly outbuildings of Taylor Goodwin
Lumber. Inscription on slide mount: “Bradford Yacht Club.” Water in the foreground, small one story building, looks abandoned. Date on slide: Aug 1965.