We would love for you to join the Crescent Yacht Club

One reason to join a yacht club is for the boating aspect — another reason is for the social aspect. Networking and meeting new people can help with both your business and personal life!  Here are a few more reasons to join the Crescent Yacht Club:

  • Access to entertainment, parties, and events that benefit local non profits
  • Ability to get a boat slip on the premises
  • Make new friends and enjoy spending time with the existing members

Requirements to Become a Member

  1. You must have two (2) members in good standing be your sponsors.
  2. You must know a member for at least one (1) year.
  3. Pay a $100 initiation fee and a $50 yearly dues check made out to the Crescent Yacht Club with a completed application.
  4. Address application and check to financial secretary – mail or leave in the financial secretary’s mailbox.
  5. When your application is received, a notification will be posted on the bulletin board by the men’s room as to when your interview will be held. Both sponsors must be present at this interview.  It is the sponsor’s responsibility to keep the potential member informed.  All questions should be directed to your sponsors.
  6. Probationary members are required to sign the new member book twelve (12) times (within six months).
  7. They will be required to perform six (6) hours of work at parties (within six months).

Find a member to sponsor you!